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We are on a mission to create high quality baby photography props that are perfectly coordinated so you can save time setting up for sessions and be confident in your work. Our products are always high quality, on trend, and sourced specifically for photographers to help you create the images you’ve been dreaming of!

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Sweet Baby Photo Props started simply because I was spending too much time preparing for my newborn sessions. I would get all my props out and try to coordinate all the session colors together in different set ups. Even spending all that time, I would be stressed and unsure of my set ups when my clients showed up. I knew there was an easier way! So I started making coordinating sets for myself. Colors, fabrics, and layers that I KNEW would go together so all I had to do was pull out two or three sets and my session was planned. I knew exactly what hats and tiebacks matched, how to add a wrap for variety, and which layer to put in the bucket!

I now feel confident that my setups will coordinate and can plan sessions so quickly! I knew I wanted to provide this type of service to other photographers and now offer products that are perfectly coordinated to help others plan their sessions quickly and easily.

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