Newborn Session Style Guide | Pink

It's time for another Newborn Session Style Guide! Is anyone else loving these as much as me? I really hope that these style guides can help make styling your newborn photography sessions easier, and inspire you as a newborn photographer. 

We are starting with the classic colors (if you missed the Dusty Blue guide, check it out here), and today we are talking about the color Pink!  All the girl moms want pink for their newborn session, right? We will start with the basics and then give you some simple ways to switch it up. 

First, choose a backdrop and a layering bundle. There are so many different shades of pink out there! We are going to start with our Baby Pink Dreamy Soft Backdrop + accessories and our Soft Pink Chunky Bundle. The Baby Pink Backdrop is a soft, warm pink color. The is a bit more of a neutral pink, and can fit with the warmer or cooler pink tones. These products complement each other so well and you can do so many different variations with just these two sets! Yay!

Start with the backdrop on the beanbag/posing table, you can do some naked poses, add a wrap on top, use the tieback and the adorable bow knot hat to switch things up. Then you can use the wrap and wrap that baby up. Get some bird's eye shots. You can also put a cute outfit on for the beanbag shots. We love the Baby Pink PJs that match the backdrop perfectly. Or you can also do a blush or white Ruffle Romper to keep things extra feminine. 

Kelly Chance Photography | Baby Pink Props

Monique Bridgette Photography  | Baby Pink Backdrop

Kelly Chance Photography | Baby Pink

Now you can move to a prop set up. Grab a bucket, bed, basket, or crate. Add the Soft Pink Chunky Layer to the prop. Then choose a wrap from the bundle to wrap baby up with. You can switch out the bonnet and tieback for some variation and even add the other wrap as an extra layer to capture even more images in one set up! Switch up your wrapping technique, your prop, and accessories for different looks!



 There are so many options that you can do with just the Layering Bundle and Backdrop Set, but we also love to add in outfits and different headband styles. We love PJs, Rompers, Pants, and Ruffle Outfits for those cute baby girls! 

Our Light Pink Chiffon Tieback and Pastel Rainbow Bow Tiebacks are great options to add to all your pink set ups!

Tiffany Bergamino Photography | Rainbow Bow Tieback

We focused on our Soft Baby Pink for this guide, but there are so many other beautiful shades of pink. Here are some other pink options for you!

Petal Pink:

Our Petal Pink Baby Photography Props are slightly more pink than the baby pink. It is more of a neutral pink compared to the baby pink with warmer tones, and is a tiny bit darker. I love this color because it doesn't blend in with that pink baby skin as much as the baby pink color does. It is a truer pink and really photographs beautifully! We have the backdrop, wrap, bow knot hat, tieback, and PJs all in this beautiful color!

Kelly Chance Photography 

Antique Pink

This Antique Pink is a part of our Antique Sweater Knit Collection. It is a slightly loose woven knit. We love the texture of this fabric and the slight variation in color that makes it look 'antiqued'. This is a true soft pink.

Kelly Chance Photography

What shade of pink is your favorite?! Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for our next Newborn Photography Style Guide! 


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