How to Set Up for a Newborn Photography Session

I love setting up for newborn photography sessions! I feel like that is where my creativity shines and it gets me so excited. There are many different options when it comes to newborn photography set ups. It can sometimes be overwhelming when you are planning sessions to narrow it down to the set ups you can accomplish in one session. Here are some tips on how to plan set ups for a newborn photography session.

Choose Colors

The first thing I do is choose the colors I want to use in the session. I like to pick 2 or 3 main colors and a couple accent colors. Choosing colors can be hard if you have no direction. I always ask the parents if they have any color preferences and that can help me get started. See the other questions I ask parents to help me prepare for newborn session here. 

Set up 2-3 Fabric Backdrops

Next I choose my backdrops. I like to use 2 colors that I know I will use and then have one extra color set up in case the baby is an angel and I can sneak in an extra color. Having matching wraps, hats, and tiebacks can help you maximize each pose on the beanbag/table so you can really take advantage of the 2-3 colors you choose. 

Decide on Baskets/Beds/Buckets

I like to do 3-4 prop set ups in one newborn session. I have a brown wood and white wood in my studio so I know I will be using those backdrops. I will usually choose a bed, a white bucket, a grey metal bucket, and an antique bowl.

Choose Layers/Wraps  

Our layering bundles make this super easy! I will choose a layering bundle and add the knit blanket to the bucket with the wraps and accessories close by so they are ready to use. And then do this with each of the props I chose in the last step. 

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Organize Accessories

Keeping things organized will help your session flow so much! I place each wrap, hat, tieback, outfit, and any other accessories that I want to use with each set up all together so I can move through each set quickly and easily when the baby comes in. 

Envision the Flow of the Session

I set everything I am planning to use out in the studio and then will envision each step of the session flow. I start with wrapping baby up for family images, then move to props and end with beanbag shots. It doesn’t always go how I envision, but having a clear plan in my brain helps me to keep things organized so I can get through the session easier. 

You’re Ready for a Baby!

After you’ve organized all your set ups and envisioned your flow you are ready for your newborn photography session and can be confident in your set ups!

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