7 Questions to Ask Parents to Make Newborn Sessions Easier

Preparation is the key to a successful newborn photography session! When we implemented this Newborn Photography Parent Questionnaire, our session set up became so much easier! Getting the information you need up front, instead of at the session (or not at all) can make your job as a photographer so much easier.

Here are the 7 questions we ask newborn parents in a questionnaire several weeks before their newborn photography session to help us prepare and set some expectations for the shoot.

7 Questions to Ask Parents to Make Newborn Sessions Easier

  1. What is Baby’s Name (if decided)?
  2. What is Baby’s Gender? 
  3. I love to get to know my families a little bit before the session to help me better capture you and your personalities. Tell me a little about your family. What things do you like to do together? What does a typical day look like for you? What is your baby's story?
  4. Are there any specific colors you would like to see in this session? What colors are Baby's room decorated with?
  5. Although I cannot guarantee specific photos, are there any poses or props that are a must have? Do you have any specific set up ideas? 
  6. I provide all props, wraps, outfits, etc for the session, however, if you have something you would like to include, I always enjoy incorporating meaningful items. Do you have anything that you would like to include in the shoot? 
  7. I want you to have a great experience with this session, do you have any other questions or concerns about anything? 

Having this information in advance helps me to get to know that family a little bit, know what color props to buy/prepare, and shows me what my clients like and if they have any specific ideas they want to do. It also saves me from being blindsided by things that they bring in or want when they come in for their session. I am a planner and knowing exactly what to expect from the session before they come in is a huge game changer! 

Question number 6 shows them a little bit of what to expect from me as well. I am setting the expectation that I have everything we need and if they want to include anything else then they need to tell me in advance. This keeps my flow consistent and sets an expectation for the parents as well. 

Great communication is a huge way to ensure that both you and the client is happy with their session and that everyone feels seen and heard and understood. Setting expectations and having great communication will lead to your clients coming back again and again for their sessions. 

Do you use a parent questionnaire for your newborn sessions? How has it helped you in your workflow? Let us know in the comments below! 

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