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This week we are happy to introduce Rachel Gronskei, owner of Type and Timber in Minnesota!

Rachel is in her 8th year of her photography business but has dabbled in photography for many years prior. She enjoys all fields of photography, because she believes it helps her stay creative and not get burnt out on one specialty. Most of her business is weddings followed by families, newborn/first birthdays and branding photography. 

Rachel’s Story

“Growing up I always had a camera in my hands. While finishing my degree in Graphic Design, I got my first professional camera. Word spread pretty quickly with our Army friends that I loved photography and I started taking photos of little ones, then couples. After my husbands’ time in the Army was over,  we moved back home to MN and I had enough experience with little ones, families and couples that I knew I wanted to keep this passion going so I made it official, I made a business name and filed it with the state! It was meant to be a side gig while I started a new job in the graphic design field but my photography grew so quickly that it came time to choose one or the other because I didn’t have enough time to do both…so here we are! Almost 8 years in business and 5 years as a full time photographer! I love being a photographer because it’s a creative outlet for me and the fact that people love my art so much to make it my job is my favorite! I love capturing genuine moments and the love between two people.”

Growing Her Photography Business

When asked about what she did in the beginning, Rachel said “I kept pushing myself outside my comfort zones. I kept educating myself with hands-on learning/trial and error. I really made it a point to new clients that their referrals were very appreciated.”

One thing that stands out about Rachel is that she doesn’t do much advertising now, but instead focuses on investing a lot of time into making the client experience one that people can’t wait to tell friends about or want to share her info with when others are looking for a photographer. I love that the customer experience is such a big focus for her and that she works hard to create such an impressionable experience! It really is the best kind of marketing! 

Rachel’s best advice to those who are starting out is to “Never stop wanting to learn and don’t overbook yourself/learn to say no. These have been key for me to not burn myself out and set healthy boundaries to keep my passion as something I love to do.”

Outside of photography, Rachel has a passion for gardening, plants and landscape design. “Something about growing something from a seed, seeing a space come to life and digging in the dirt really makes my heart happy.” Doesn’t the beauty of that just speak to her creative side?! 

We have enjoyed getting to know Rachel better and look forward to continue supporting her in her beautiful work! Check out her links to see what makes Type and Timber so amazing!




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