Bella Rose Portraits | Photographer Spotlight

We are so excited to spotlight  Summer Goddard of Bella Rose Portraits who is an incredible portrait photographer in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Photography has always been something she loved and she has always been the 'person with a camera'!  Summer got her first DSLR when her oldest daughter was two and started photographing children's parties.  When her second daughter was born she attempted to do her daughter’s newborn photos.  Although she says it was a disaster, she was hooked!  In the beginning she did a lot of cheap sessions to gain experience and hone her skills and from there things have taken off!!

Summer specializes in doing newborns through baby’s first birthday and let us add that she is simply amazing at it! You can feel her passion when she says “I love getting to capture and work with those sweet babies!  The baby stage is my absolute favorite age and I love being able to freeze that time for my clients.  I think it's such an honor that I am one of the very first people that gets to hold a family's new baby!”

Summer also loves planning elaborate parties for her kids, crafting, home decorating, baking, and knitting. She is amazing at everything she does! 

When it comes to marketing, she has always relied on word of mouth and Yelp as sources of new clients but she moves often as a military family and is always looking for new strategies.

Her best advice is “Once you have had enough practice to feel confident that you produce great work, charge enough to make a living wage while taking on a reasonable amount of clients.  I feel very strongly that photographers offering sessions at bargain prices hurts the industry.”

We love seeing the beauty that she creates! Be sure to check out her amazing work at Bella Rose Portraits and give her some love!


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