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This week’s spotlight is Nicolina Pearsall of NinaRose Photography from Conklin, NY.  Nina started with her own camera all the way back in middle school! About 8 years ago she had her daughter and that is where it all really began. In the beginning she watched YouTube videos to learn tips and tricks. She did SO many model calls to get comfortable, and then she started paying for online classes that gave her the confidence to start charging for her photography. She then realized that you need to invest in good props/outfits to make your photos pop! She now specializes in newborns, maternity, and family photos.

Her favorite part of being a photographer is the ability to capture moments that seem to freeze time.

Outside of photography, she is a registered nurse and a cake decorator, and she loves chocolate! (Who doesn’t, am I right?!)

The number one thing that she does to market her business is boosting posts and deals on Facebook. She will post things like “share my post to enter a drawing” to get more engagement and eyes on her business. She will also leave her business cards with businesses and talk to patients at work in the hospital to get bookings.


Here is some of her amazing advice to those just starting out, but can be a great reminder to all of us!

Go Slow

Take your time and do a ton of model calls until you feel comfortable. Those images you see and want as your goal will come with time and experience. The more you do, the more you learn and keep watching videos and tutorials.


Learn your camera, learn about light. Learn how different angles can produce more images in a gallery. I am still learning and love to watch others and learn their techniques as well.


She didn't elaborate on this, but investing in yourself and your business is the only way to grow. Obviously be smart in your investments and know where your money is going (I highly recommend the book Profit First), but why would anyone else want to invest in you if you aren't willing to invest in you first? This is a really great tip!


So many photographers get discouraged so easily and want to give up, don’t! It took me about 5 years to really get my name out there and I am still working to get it out there even more!

Nicolina loves photography and she loves meeting everyone and learning their stories. She has given us some amazing advice and is rocking her business! Be sure to like her facebook page and share some love to stay connected! Thanks so much for sharing Nicolina! 

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