Katie B. Photography | Photographer Spotlight

This week’s spotlight is Katie Bullerman of Katie B Photography. She currently lives in Cedar Falls, IA. Katie has always been a creative person but her full time job is doing insurance, and doesn’t really allow for that creative outlet. When her middle child was born she started playing around with photography. She is still in the beginning stages, but watching YouTube videos on posing, wrapping and newborn session tips and tricks has really helped develop her skills. Currently she is focusing on families and babies but wants to try her hand at a little of everything before deciding on her specialty.

Her favorite part of being a photographer is during the session when something comes together how she pictured it in her mind and when she checks the back of the camera and feels that immediate gratification and pride that THAT image is one that she would be thrilled with if she was a paying customer. Isn’t that such a great feeling! I love that too! Making visions become a reality!

Outside of photography Katie has a full time job and 3 children that keep her very busy! (I also have 3 kids and can totally relate! They are A LOT!) Her favorite treat is ANYTHING baked with chocolate! Cookies, brownies, cake….. YUM!

The number one way that Katie markets her business is her clients sharing their images on social media and tagging them in sneak peaks. It costs no money and it grows her following organically with local people! The advice she would give to someone just starting out is to get as much education as you can! Watch videos, find a mentor and start with the basics. You don’t need to nail 18 different backdrops and posing options right off the bat!

Katie started this “side gig” in hopes that it would eventually turn into more. She didn’t even own a camera 6 months ago but started doing sessions for friends and family with her iphone and then saw that there was enough interest to warrant splurging on the fancy camera. She says that she is by no means an expert, but she loves it and she loves seeing her progress and growth from each session. In Katie's words, “find your passion and DO IT!”

Can I get an Amen?! Yes girl! Loved getting to know you more! Thanks so much for sharing! Be sure to follow Katie on her social media pages!




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