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Let me introduce you to Jennifer Nevins of Jennifer Nevins Photography in Tulsa, OK. Jennifer has the cutest family! Two beautiful children, Chloe age 6 and Beau age 4, and is married to a wonderful man who is fully supportive of her photography aspirations. 
Jennifer became interested in photography when she was pregnant with her first daughter nearly 7 years ago. She knew that she wanted to take beautiful pictures of her daughter so she started learning as much as she could about photography and quickly fell in love with it!
She started her photography business a year and a half ago and is still in the beginning stages, but has a strong belief that to grow her business she needs to invest in her own education of photography. She is constantly studying videos of her mentors to perfect her posing and editing techniques.
Jennifer's favorite part of being a photographer is creating beautiful images that her clients will cherish for years to come.
Outside of photography she teaches English online as a second language to kids in China through a company called VIPKid. She said that there has always been a part of her that has wanted to be a teacher, but she never pursued it. This side job fulfills that dream and she gets to work in her pajamas from home! And if she gets the chance to indulge in her favorite snack, you will find her having plain cheesecake with strawberries!
Her advice to new photographers is to KEEP GOING! The more experience you get, the more you will grow as an artist. Also, make sure to invest in your education. Such great advice! Be sure to follow Jennifer to keep up on what she’s doing and show some love!

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