How to Tie a Tieback for Newborn Photography

Tiebacks are a unique product specific to newborn photographers. A tieback is a headband that ties in the back to be able to fit a wide range of sizes. This allows one product the ability to fit on newborn babies of all sizes as well as sitters, one year sessions, and even bigger kids and adults! 

The strings tied in the back can sometimes be problematic while posing a newborn baby for their photo shoot. You have to tie them at the exact right size without disrupting the baby and then you have to deal with the rest of the strings that may stick out from baby's head. The goal is to not see the back strings as if it were a regular headband that goes all the way around baby's head. 

For so many years I was tying my tiebacks in a bow. It seemed like the easiest and most logical method. Recently I found that this was completely wrong! My mind was a little bit blown when I saw someone tying the strings in an overhand knot. 

Tying it this way makes the strings lay flat and go straight down the baby's back instead of flying in all sorts of directions with a big bow. Watch the video below to see how it's done! 

How do you tie your tiebacks? Did you already know this trick?!

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