How to Do a Simple Swaddle Wrap for Newborn Photography

It's no hidden secret that wrapping in newborn photography can make your job easier. A brand new baby just came from an environment that is warm and cozy with not much space to move around in. It's no wonder that they feel the most comfortable when they are wrapped up tight. Learning how to properly swaddle a new baby is a huge asset to you as a newborn photographer. In this tutorial we will show you how to do a simple swaddle wrap that you can use over and over in your newborn photography sessions. 

Watch this video and follow the steps below. 

How to do a Simple Swaddle Wrap for Newborn Photography

1. Lay a stretchy wrap on your lap.

You want to use a long stretchy wrap for this swaddle. We love our Essential Wraps for this one, but any of our beautiful wraps will work great. Get your wrap and lay it on your lap so 3/4 of the wrap is on your left side and 1/4 of it is on your right side. Set baby on top of the wrap so the shoulders are sitting right below the top of the wrap.

2. Fold the shorter side over Baby's body and secure it under her back.

Make sure that her arms are fully secure with this very first wrap. If you want to pull the hands out of the wrap so you can see them from the top then put the hands over their chest. You will do that whole wrap and then gently get the hands out once everything else is in place. 

3. Take the other side of the wrap and do the same thing.

With the longer side of the wrap bring it up and across baby's body to secure the arms even more. Once you secure it behind Baby, you'll want to pull this one down a little bit so it is going down Baby's back diagonally, and the rest of the wrap is hanging to the side and bottom of baby.

4. Secure the bottom.

Tuck the wrap slightly under baby's bottom and then bring the remaining wrap up and across baby's body and over the shoulders and behind her back again. 

5. Tuck the remaining wrap behind Baby's body and you are ready to pose!

If your wrap is extra long you may be able to go around Baby's body one more time. Just keep diagonally wrapping from shoulder to bum. Once you are out of wrap tuck the remaining behind Baby's back and set her in your set up.  

Image using our Graphite Bundle


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