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 This week’s spotlight is Emily Julander of Em J Photography - Utah Newborn Portrait Artist. Emily currently lives in Clinton, UT and specializes in all things bump to first year. She got started in photography with her own kids and a camera that her dad gifted her. It gradually shifted into a business. 

Her favorite part about being a photographer is photoshop because she is an artist at heart! She loves to mold babies into art and finish the masterpiece in photoshop.

Outside of photography she is a mom, the hardest job around! She has 4 crazy kiddos and a fabulous bearded man to keep her plenty busy outside her photography biz (her words). She wouldn't have it any other way!

Her favorite desserts and snacks are ice cream, cheese & crackers, chips and salsa.

When asked what her number one marketing strategy is she said, “Referrals and word of mouth are gold. Other than that I network a bit and use social media.”

And this is her advice to those just starting out in newborn photography,

“Be patient with yourself. It's a steep learning curve. Invest in a mentor. Study all you can find online and make sure you are using safety, these babies are precious!

I think beginners should know not to undervalue themselves. Never do freebies, charge from day one. Don't give up, you'll have bad days and days you want to quit, keep learning and growing and practicing, you'll get there!”

Such great advice!! 

Emily also just started a side gig with 8 other fabulous artists. It's called CompositeCon. If you've ever been intrigued by creating magic in Photoshop, this is a one stop shop monthly subscription of streaming videos. You will learn all the tools in Photoshop as well as specific composite learning. They have sports, fantasy, surreal, newborn and more! So much fun! You can check out their group CompositeCon Photoshop Education




 Check out these adorable images using our Fuzzy Newborn PJs:



Fuzzy Newborn PJs

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