Viva La Vida by Daphne | Photographer Spotlight

This week’s spotlight is Daphne Rodriguez of  Viva La Vida. She currently lives in the West Cobb area of Marietta, GA.  10 years ago, Daphne was doing model photography but did not love doing the stiff poses. She found her joy in children photography and worked very hard on branding herself and doing workshops for newborns.

One of her favorite things about being a photographer is the joy of parents when they see their images and her least favorite is being the only employee in her studio, which I can totally relate to! Being a business owner is sometimes a lonely job. That’s why I love this group and want to help us all get to know each other, even if it is just virtually!

Daphne’s favorite treat is dragon fruit ice cream and one of her passions outside of photography is hiking.

Branding is the #1 most important thing she does to market her business. She says, “It is what gives meaning to my images, and gives it quality and what will attract your clients.”

If she could give some advice it would be to never feel intimidated by others, to remember that practice is the key to any profession and that is what will help you get to your goal.” Such great advice!!

Something fun and interesting is that the name of Daphne's business was inspired by her two kids and her husband who have always been the people that believe in her each and every day. “Viva la Vida” means “Celebrate Life” or as some say “Live Life.” Daphne definitely exemplifies that! I have loved getting to know her and her work is truly inspiring! Thanks for sharing with us Daphne! You are awesome! Check out her website and social media pages and give her some love!



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Image using our Pants and Knot Hat
Image using our Cheesecloth Stretch Wraps
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