5 Steps for an Easy Newborn Photography Set Up

Setting up for newborn photography sessions doesn't have to be difficult. Here is a step by step process on how to create a beautiful newborn photography set up the easy way. 
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Camel Fur Layering Bundle

1. Buy a Layering Bundle

Coordinating prop sets will become your best friend! We have several different color and style options and each one is hand picked and pre styled to make your session set up a breeze. Check out the layering bundles here. 

2. Pick a Prop

Next, you'll need to choose which prop you want to use: a bucket, bed, basket, etc.

3. Add the Main Layer to the Prop

There are several options on how you use your main layer. Put it on top of the bed, in the bucket, or underneath whichever prop you choose. 

How to Set up a Newborn Photography Set Up, Sweet Baby Photo Props, Newborn photography prop bundles, Baby Photography Tips, Newborn photography inspiration

Image using Off White Layering Bundle by Natalie Mcintire Photography 

4. Choose which Wrap to Wrap Baby In

Each bundle comes with 2 coordinating wraps. From the layering bundle, choose which wrap you want to actually swaddle the baby in. 

5. Add Accessories for Variation

Next, you'll want to decide which accessories to add and when. You can add the second wrap draped over the top of Baby or underneath Baby, or Wrap it over the top of that other wrap for a completely different look. You can also decide when to add the hats and tiebacks. Prepare your prop with the main layer and then put all of the accessories and wraps next to the prop so they will be ready for you once you get Baby in the studio.

**Bonus - Choose a matching pillow or outfit for even more cuteness!

And that's it! You have an entire set up plus plenty of variation to get the most out of each pose in the set up. Happy shooting!

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