3 Tips to Help You Rock Your Newborn Session

Newborn sessions are unlike any other type of photography session. You are working with a brand new baby that is still getting used to the world and doesn't follow directions. Babies do whatever they want and you just have to go with it! Although baby photography sessions can be long and frustrating, there are some things that you can do to help make things easier. Here are three things that you can do to have a successful newborn photography session.

Image by Three Js Photography using the Petal PJs

Plan your setups and flow in advance

Preparation is everything when it comes to newborn photography! Make a plan of what set ups you are going to do. Envision how the session will flow. Layering bundles and matching backdrop sets are a really easy way to plan your sessions. And remember to keep it simple! You don’t want to be fumbling around wondering what to do next if your baby is happy and sleepy. A smooth flow that allows you to easily transition Baby from one set up to another will speed up your session and keep Baby as happy as possible. Plus, you will feel more confident and calm during the session with a plan.

Create the right environment

Brand new babies are used to a warm and noisy environment. Duplicating that as much as possible will help them to be comfortable in your studio. Turn up the heat or get a space heater to keep Baby warm especially during those naked baby shots! You’ll want your shooting space to be around 75-80 degrees. White noise is also a must! There are apps you can use on your phone or you can use a Baby Shusher. White noise helps Baby to stay calm and sleepy and is a huge help while moving them around during posing.

Set expectations for parents beforehand

Most new parents have no idea how a newborn session works. Setting expectations before the session can help keep parents calm which directly affects the baby. Using a session prep guide to walk parents through how to prepare Baby before the session, how long to plan for the session, who is welcome at the studio, how warm it will be in there, etc. will ensure that parents are prepared and will know what to expect when they arrive.

Be patient!

Every single baby is different and you can’t control how they will behave or predict how a session will go. It is crucial that you stay patient and calm! Babies pick up on emotions really easily and if you are frustrated the baby can feel that and will be unsettled. It takes a lot of patience, understanding, and time to get beautiful newborn images.

If you come prepared with session set ups, lay out clear expectations for parents, and create the right environment, it will be much easier to focus on Baby, follow his cues, and stay patient and calm during a session. You got this! 


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